eBay stuff



seems pricey, but I suppose rarity effects pricing…


It is pricey! It should be around £900.


yep, last one I can find on a forum was £750! Ok it’s got the magical cap upgrade, but still. In looking for an amp it is pretty evident that there are loads of people chancing their arm with overpriced gear on eBay, suppose its my own fault for selling my set up for the same price i bought on PFM…will stick to the forums I think…


Dave is still about, and a very nice guy, so good support available.
And it is a very good amp.


Been doing a bit of reading about their kit, catching up I suppose with what everyone knows. Using the discrete dac into the decade amp direct appeals to me, just need to check if it has analogue input, and find one!


V cheap…



Solid starter system for someone…


He’s been trying to flog that for £1400 for about a year and nobody has bitten. Tops £900, more like £700.


Overpriced by £1100


All joking aside Chris, that is a fairly decent bit of kit for £1100. It would be hard to find something with similar performance for £1500 tbh. Even the 'Qute, which is a top notch bit of kit, is £900ish in Mark 2 form.

I smell a rat with that add. The going rate seems to be £1800-£2000. Still, with cash on collection or PayPal protection it is worth a go for £1100. You can always bang it out for no loss if you don’t like it


Agree, cheapest I’d seen was £1500 on pfm last night and that got snapped up. Have no prejudice but no matter how hard I try can’t imagine naim being for me. Current speakers are not bright, so think I need something with a bit more open and airy at t’ top.


Worth giving the vendor a shout if they are close by and taking your speakers over for a try. The amp in the Superuniti is very good at the price, despite the sneering and jeering Naim attracts. Bung in an excellent streamer, superb control App for IOS and a decent DAC and it is worth looking at for £1100.


Herbal Linn Axis…


At least it’s not Fawlty !

I fang yoo.


Out of my price range but can imagine it’s a corker



I know there are Karan owners on here, but they have never grabbed me when I have heard them.

If you are interested, make the guy an offer of £2K and tell him you don’t have any more, you never know.


yes , running an old rotel amp in second system RA-820ax and its not bad at all considering its over 25 years old .


Don’t know what in cocks name this muppet thought he was doing but quite possibly the ugliest speakers ever…

Suppose with a name like “retro artisan gallery” he has to be a cunt.

Peter Belt would be proud…

The raised pattern applied to the driver and front panel horn vent (see photos) is at least 4 molecules of paint thick, as specified by the 1994 H. O. Purvive U. S. Patent. This pattern creates a perfect filter for removing “standing wave” distortions which are inevitable artifacts of all music reproduction from vibrating membranes.