eBay stuff


Chanced my arm, it was a no but can hardly blame him.


I like them :slight_smile:


Had a nosy at this in the flesh today, it’s very nice…


For that sort of money wouldn’t a Technics fan be buying one of the new ones with a decent MM or Hana EL?


Which may explain why the store have had to add the “expensive” extras to tempt…

Smoke and mirrors?


Nah, for that money I’d expect it to come with a free Norman Cook !


Quite possibly.


a small pair of speakers


beobloke :wink:









It’s missing something, hmmmm an ‘A’, as in XA.




Cute thing.


To you?


The seller was audio_grail


D’oh! I confess I didn’t look.



On the off chance that anyone’s interested in the Emporium speakers it might be worth knowing that Nick may well be at Audiojumble on Oct 1st and might be able to get them there, if that helps. Don’t get me wrong - I haven’t asked him about this. It’s just a suggestion on my part. But he usually comes there to buy rather than to sell, so he might have empty transport on the way down.