eBay stuff


Ooops. Wrong post area!! :blush:



The most tidy JBL L20T speakers I have seen for 20 years. Nice speakers, a little toppy, but clean.




I want gets nothing :scream_cat:


Unfortunately you are right on this occasion :frowning:


More utter crap from Entreq

It’s a fucking nut for £17.


For people who want style over substance.

Better than a Brennan I suppose.


In which Bob complains about foo. I think we can take the David Tennant laughing gif as read this time.


There is foo and then there is utter foo. Cables do make a difference, bolts on a “grounding box” that does nothing do not.


I do a range of bolts from £9.99 to £99.99.

*the right one for you depends on your wages


Ah, so you’re gullible but not that gullible :joy:


Two words…shakti stones…


One word: Bollocks

Same thing though.



Lovely, but it has been on eBay for ages which suggests that either it is overpriced or nobody wants to buy an EAT turntable.


Or both, which is where I think it is.


Does it come with a penny blue tacked to the headshell?


Didn’t the distributor in the UK give up a bad job of selling these and dump stock onto the market last year? I think this is one of these.


Probably an opportunity for a lower price then. I don’t know what they’re like but that platter looks amazing :heart_eyes: