eBay stuff


Buying off that dealer, check and double check it all works OK.

My guess is that he got it for less than £6K.


They are supposed to be very good apparently, big ticket price though!



Shiny shiny thing :slight_smile:


Very Cheshire…BOB !!!


I think that’s too naff even for Cheshire :hushed:


Looks like a door knob with the spindle removed…



Chrome and crystal door knobs? Who would have guessed you might be watching something like that on eBay?



I have these speakers, they’re great. I have no idea what the seller is doing here though, presumably trying to avoid eBay fees.



Scam more than likely.



Avoiding fees. Ten percent final sale fee is mad.

I used the same trick before and got a seven day ban for encouraging contact outside eBay!


You are so wrong, it’s a scam. Techie.com domain has lots of them over the years.


I didn’t look to hard. But I usually ask buyers of high value kit I’ve sold to contact me first!
eBay are getting wise. Sending a photo of your email addy is the usual filter by pass




Well played sir!


It’s all iPhones and spell check.
Mind yer knickers.


It’s been removed, what a fucking shock.


I reported it a short while ago. I’m amazed they removed it. Normally they do sweet FA.


Yeah, way out of my league but keep seeing the same few nice turntables on ebay when browsing. For the money I think I’d go for the Air Tight or the Basis that are on there but I do love that huge platter on the Forte.



Just buy this and save us all.