eBay stuff


Lol, ‘surgical’ stainless steel


316 as it is better known :rofl:


octh is after that :slight_smile:


No he’s not! Far too expensive for me. I just wondered how good they actually are.


A little surprised there are zero bids currently, seems a decent price.

Not after a turntable myself but they keep coming up when browsing tonearms. Thinking of getting a terminator anyway but keep looking anyway.


Oh FFS was going to bid on that in the hope none of you cunts spotted it


We spot everything.


Think it’s been round once already with no bids.


Personally, I wouldn’t even pay the starting bid for it. YMMV


seriously considering these, can’t find any historical prices but is this a reasonable price (it’s emporium so probably not)


I think mine were bought and sold for about a grand


In the late 80s when new, they were £2200. I really liked the type C although like the type A, they do need a bit of grunt.


Ha, ha, ha, £1500 ha, ha, ha.

I heard two pairs at Brian’s (Take5) and both pairs had very wobbly bass and sounded bright. Much prefer A’s or J’s.

I think he sold both pairs for about £800 each pair.


Usual ‘old Snell’ caveats apply too.


I much prefer my JBLs. Compression drivers always win.


I’ve only had one real experience with these and though they sounded impressive driven by a VERY beefy John valve amp they could sound a tad thin & strident in the upper mids in that set up. They had no issues in the bass in that room/system however.


Just demoed the Nord power amps, so on the look out for a pre, this looks interesting…

Look at this on eBay:

Tube Valve Pre-amplifier with Shunt Regulator - 7 Days Trial is Available


Two words ‘re-sale value’.


Today they are trying the scam with Sony PSX-9
I think it’s the same e-mail address as the last time, I don’t remember if it’s the same user.


I think the seven day trial applies in Australia -But anyhow surely the distance, risk and expensive postage precludes this as a reasonable option?


Yep, only noticed the trial thing after posting. None starter.

Be interested if anyone has bought anything via eBay Germany, just found a Gamut D200 and trying to agree shipping