eBay stuff




Not eBay, but if you have deep pockets, this looks like an ideal way to empty them:



Estimates are a bit (lot) bullish. A good auction house sets “come bid for this” estimates, they shouldn’t try to deter interested parties like collectors and traders :roll_eyes:


I’ve bought stuff at auction there. The estimates are usually very much on the low side in my experience (and consequent abject poverty).

You can get absolute gems for bugger all there too. I bought a bunch of cassettes on spec from Tony Wilson’s estate through them. Mucho unreleased stuff, or alternative versions of released stuff by Durutti Column was obtained. Some of it has now seen official release as the band no longer had the originals. More is to come from that particular stash.


Looking through the Jazz stuff, I noted a couple of lots where the average CD price based on the low end of the estimate puts them at around £5 each. This for general release, albeit less common CDs seem excessive. Still, I guess there is one born every minute.

While I haven’t looked through the entire catalogue (I’m a bit refreshed), there was nothing that enticed me to look further. YMMV.


Meh. You are sulking 'cause there is no prog.


Troo dat :frowning_face:


There is, but the listings would have taken so long that they decided it wasn’t worth it


I hope the weather is really shit in Fetlar :rage:


It is, but it’s bringing rare birds in, so thank you :+1:


Sort of like these, but I don’t need them…


When is that ever an obstacle?


Saw those a while ago but when I was looking at some custom horns someone said the onken cabs are shite.


They aren’t Onken boxes. They are Jensen boxes of the style which influenced the original Onken designs. When done properly Onken bass boxes are very far from shite, but many are aligned to work with SS bass amps as Hiraga and Mahul used in multi amp systems. I have some petite Onken boxes with Focal drivers and they play lovely tuneful bass, if not chest thumping trouser flapping ichm style bass


You mean no bass at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A bit tatty but functioning. Been on sale for a while, but reduced now.


I have more SUT’s than I need, but might be of interest to someone.


Just up the road from me…


Given that the kit for the equivalent model (with ribbon tweeters) is not a lot more, that is optimistic.


I guess that people feel their time spent DIYing the whole thing together is worth something. Sadly they are usually deluded.



Yeah with kit stuff, expect less than the price of the raw materials when you sell