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I’m pretty sure this is the second owner. I bought a TT off a guy the other side of the M1 from me several years ago, and these were sitting in his front room. Not long afterwards he tried several times to sell them (without much success I think) , this chap must have purchased them at some point and is now trying to move them on again…


Here’s the original ebay listing…


There used to be a pair of smaller IPLs which were doing the rounds on the Wam. I picked them up from JB I think. They were passed on to a chap on Merseyside. They were nice. But orange.



If anyone wants a pair of IPL S5TL or S3TL, I have both and am wanting to shift them - much lower prices than these!


They are good too!


Saw a pair of WAD 300B on Gumtree locally earlier. Just missed out. Went for £100.




I like wad 300b pse’s. They are the best amps.


Try make sense man!


Physician heal thyself.


Trolled by JB
The shame of it. :blush:


Makes a change from me trolling you :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a nice Nagra 300t going on Audiomarkt.


You and him , you are the same.


Perhaps Rabski picked them up as he never going to build his.


serious Dac for one of the many visiting pro footballers to this site




More like it.


Pfffft, you need to get bargain hunting. What about this little number?


I fancy a pair at that price, with a gold and diamante DJ mixer in the middle…


Perpetually mystified by the prices of these.


Me too, but £50K? That is heroically overpriced even if you like the fugliness…