eBay stuff


They sound bang average as well.


Hasn’t Serge got several? He could sell them and buy something decent :laughing:


Obvious ftfy.


I’ve heard a 927 a few times & generally found them quite impressive. Much more so than the later direct drive 938, 948 or 950. Not 55000 Euro worth of impressive though.


Any use to anybody Vitavox g.p.l. single horn not great condition in Warrington auction tomorrow.


Horn might be good for a yard of ale and Lopwell next year


It could be your new discrete TV speaker


I’ve been watching this one although one terminal is missing. Might have a cheeky punt & ask them to chuck the horn part!


It is 100m from my place of work. Quite happy to pick it up and ship it all to you at minimal cost.


Cheers Bob. I’ll let you know.




Yeah, department of left handed cunts.:wink:


Bought my SME arm off this chap -


Was that you winning it?


No, I had left £25 on but didn’t bother going higher. Don’t know where it might have gone and besides the terminal it needed (not cheap) I didn’t know whether the diaphragm/voice coil were functional. GP1’s do come up in pairs fairly often & lend themselves more to the kind of long Western Electric style horns 12, 15a or the type Coco has (16)

I do have Vitavox as a search term on the Easy Live auction site but was surprised to see one actually pop up. Was also looking at that Telefunken R2R, less for the machine but more for the ECC83 & 81 that’d be inside it.


I bought a R2R for the same reason.


Weird looking things…




Must be our own @simonms