Feckin' Weather


Mum and Dad got on a train this morning at Chesterfield to go to London for a hospital appointment, but only got as far as Derby before coming back again.

Wrong kind of wind apparently, blown all the overhead cables down…


100mph gusts here earlier this morning, slightly less aggressive at the moment but still capable of blowing you off your feet. Think I’ll go hang gliding this afternoon, got a big sheet and some incontinence pads.


Gusts in the higher 50’s at Benson so far. A steel stepladder propped up in the back garden blew over. The wheelie bins are still upright though.



Bit breezy in Leighton Buzzard. It’s bin day today, they’ve been emptied and there’s now the constant clatter of empty wheelie bins flying everywhere !

On a similar note, my new compost bin (still empty) has resited itself in the diagonally opposite corner of the garden. And it can stay there for the time being.


You lucky, lucky barstid! Our wheelie bin tried to vault the Great Wall of Cuxham. Plus the cover blew off my BBQ ! Not happy :rage:


Just looked out of the lounge window, this appeared to be a very sturdy tree, not any more. It’s managed to take out fencing a car and totally blocked access and exit for approx. 60 houses. Goodness knows how long it will be before it can be cleared.


Oh dear, fire wood for many.


Cardinal sin for a 'strayan!


Don’t laugh it’s rong.


I bet he had a sore backside. Did I laugh ? yep, still chuckling, could be premature as I have to go out shortly.


I’ve watched it several times, I think I have broken ribs…


I plan to just tee it down a little, keep it out the wind.

Hit it low and watch it go.


All this wind makes me feel inadequate :hushed:


Aaaargh. There’s a tree down over the line at Gerrards Cross, so having to take a GWR to Sluff… over an hours worth of fannying around!


Full marks to the local authority, they’re working on it within a couple of hours. Should be clear by early evening.


Bloody hell, we now have an rta at the site of the treefall. Paramedic response on site and Ambulance just arriving, was on my way to assist but they beat me to it (thankfully). 2 minute response time, very impressive.


Fucking M6 closed and M62 also closed near my office, no traffic problems at all then!!!


That’ll give you plenty of time to play with the useless buttons in your rented Astra Bob :stuck_out_tongue:


Several trees down on trip to Lyford one across road 1/2 moved by cars in front. Added
It’s blowy. Added 20 mins to my journey. This stuff belongs up north



A bloody zephyr and the country is in tatters.