Feckin' Weather


Now a 60mph wind warning :surfing_man:


Are you near Jim?


Mild for the time of year here.


lol, the kicker is while we get a battering akin to Jim on full throttle at point blank range, the South will get to bask in 23C temps.


It’s a chilly 19 here, and when the wind chill is taken into account, probably closer to 17c… Surprised it hasn’t been on the news yet.


…which is what you’ll be getting next June in Lopwell :mask:



Astro turf is holding up well to the storm so far.


Why did I read ‘Astra turf’, I mean where did that come from?


Also presumably from Jim at point blank range…


Probably front page news in tomorrow’s Express.


Hurricane? What hurricane?.



Will be interesting to see what part of Scotland/Iceland you wake up in.


Once again, we’re doomed, doomed I say


At least it’s the end of the camping season so no one will be out in a tent.


Getting breezy in the eastern Med


What a fecking bizarre day, dark, almost night time sky this morning, followed by an eery red sky like something off an early Star Trek set. Now the wind is getting up, needed the wipers on to keep the leaves off the windscreen driving home… No walkies for the hounds tonight that’s fer fecking sure!


Yeah, we briefly had something like daylight for about 20 minutes at 4pm :stuck_out_tongue:


Really windy here in Cheshire, was fine and sunny this afternoon.