Yes. He and John Greig were friends off the pitch. Sadly Billy McNeill has dementia but he was in attendance at Celtic Park last weekend with the remaining Lisbon Lions for the anniversary celebrations before our final league match.


Palace could do a lot worse than hiring Gary Monk. I imagine Watford will be bringing in another continental manager on an 11 month deal.


It’s difficult to say who the board will be looking for as Palace tend to play it safe


I agree,monk could be very good at Palace.


You may be right, but his last few games at Dirty Leeds and not making the play-offs could count against him. What did happen there anyway? Dirty Leeds were cruising to a play-off spot.


Only caught the back end of it but enjoyed the documentary on the 67 win last night.


Hehe, no chance.


I’m just watching it now on the BBC iplayer. Brings a tear to the eye.


I was really thinking of the hooliganism, stadium failures, racism etc rather than the actual football.


But football is much more important than life and death.:sunglasses:


Oh wait, you meant the Hull manager, didn’t you? I thought you meant David Silva.

Don’t be alarmed, i haz the stoopid.


Would Everton want & do they need Wayne Rooney as he is now? I’d have thought not tbh.


Replacement for Barkley?


He’s not very good as a 10, much better as a 9.


I very much doubt Koeman would want him. The ‘suits’ might think they can make a fortune in merchandise and licensing stuff though,


I wouldn’t want Rooney back on the Everton playing staff. He would simply slow up the playing style. Personally, I hop Barkley stays, if not there is money to replace him. I would hope somebody like Gylfi Sigurdsson would be a better replacement than Barkley.

To me the main reason that Everton tailed off so badly towards the end of the season (other than there was little to play for) was the loss of Coleman. Effectively, you can leave the space in front of him open when attacking. Without him we often had no width down the right and mounted little threat down the left. Hopefully he returns in one piece with too much compromise to his capabilities after his injury.


James Rodriguez looks like he’s off to Inter, thank fuck for that.


CL final to be played under a closed roof for safety reasons :thinking:


Didn’t know Stoke were playing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just contemplating how big the scoreline will be… :cry::dizzy_face: