Mertesucker :scream::cry:


Invincible. Treble winners:


Need to keep it to 1-0 til half time.

All over the place atm.


Should be 3-0 !






Just please, don’t let that cnt, Costa, score.


I hope we won’t regret all those missed chances…


It’s suit-wars in the Mr.B household. Ali hates Ian Wright’s get up. I think it’s the best of the lot by a mile!


@Wayward needs to have the deciding vote methinks.


Decent match for a final


Is it me or is the Ox crap?


I like Wrighty’s colour combo but the buttonhole in the lapel of the coat has been caught totally out of position. The lapels are playing too narrow anyway but what the flowerhole is doing there is anyone’s guess.

Shearer and Lineker are a disaster.

Fat Judas wins unfortunately. Chinese made supposedly London bespoke, which is nice and really quite tasteful shirt/tie configuration. I expect he’ll start to kiss a non-existant badge and look to the sky for mum any second…


The cricket was a stonker…

Chanel flip now.


Ref has bollocks.:sunglasses:


Great decision


Surprised he can still walk after that


The perfect ending would be Terry giving away a penalty that loses the Chavs the FA Cup. A Slippy G moment.


Wenger in


South Africa traded at 1/100 on Betfair.:grinning: