He was defo putting himself in the shop window the last 2 games


Great effort from the Arse, shame they saved it for the last game…

Wenger out!


I think that embrace just killed your initial perspective.

Lots of players walk off and stare blankly.


Apparently Arsenal won it against the odds. Making them sound like a plucky League One team.


Willian obviously likes playing second fiddle to Pedro the unimpressive.


Not quite sure why Terry didn’t get 2 minutes at the end, he wouldn’t have been any worse than David Luiz


I hope he had the full kit on to pick up his losers medal.


Chelsea were rubbish. Really slow and unimaginative. So many players were below par. Moses dived when he was on a yellow what’s that all about?
Costa was the only Chelsea player that wanted it. Arsenal fully deserved the win. The only upside is Wenger will be given a 2 year extension.


Apparently we are buying yet another winger. FFS how many more do we need?


As many as Jose deems fit?


Perisic was very impressive at the last Euros.

Good to see Carrick signed up for another year too.


Perisic is excellent, only a spoilt fan from a club with vast riches could moan at signing him. :rolling_eyes:


Maybe he is great, it’s just we have a 19 year old striker, one on long term injury who may or may not stay, one waaay past his best on the way out, a left winger who can maybe play striker, a tall lampost who fills in badly and that’s pretty much it. If Ibra signs on, we need at least 1 striker, if not two.

We have at least 5 first team wingers and two back-up at the moment, why another?

We have yet to replace Carrick (great he has another year, but he’s 35), we have maybe two left backs and two right backs. Our main goalkeeper is likely to leave.


Griezmann will definitely be coming imo.


I think he is playing the waiting game and waiting for somebody else in the race for him to make their move.


You mean his agent is.


Just laughing at Arsene this morning. Says uncertainty about his future damaged the team and results. Won’t tell anyone about his future.


Chelsea Laies 7. Liverpool Women 0


Yep, they did a lot better than the ladies Chelsea fielded yesterday :princess:


Yes. But look who they were playing. :hugs: