Penalties in the play-off final. Both sides look dead at this stage…



Bad enough to lose a cup, but to lose your team a chance for the big league and the money and fame…

Come on Yorkshire!


Didn’t Hudd win the semi on pens - strange getting promoted without winning a playoff game in open play.

I think if its 0-0 after extra time they should revert to league position.


Do like the play offs,but what a shit way to lose out.


It’s never fair…

But I’m happy.


Welcome Huddersfield - you are gonna be whipped next season…


Well done Huddersfield see you next season. :heart_eyes::soccer:️:tropical_drink::wine_glass::tumbler_glass::hugs::soccer:


I’ve been at Wembley for a play off.
Windass volley…

You just don’t want to go home. For most in the stadium it’s a moment in life they never thought they’d see.

If it only lasts a year it’s worth every minute.


Well done Huddersfield.

I really wouldn’t like to bet on the 3 teams that get relegated next season. Any 3 of at least 10 teams could go down.


Really feel sorry for Reading to loose like that. On the other hand, Huddersfield were much the better team and should have been at least 2-0 up at half-time.

The reaction from Huddersfield’s owner when the last penalty went in was brilliant :grinning:.


Rather him than some Chinese money…


Chuffed for Huddersfield - maybe they can do a Burnley next year.


Can’t wait for the anti climax of the year, when wonky Kroenke announces a two year extension to Whingers contract…:roll_eyes:


I can’t wait until you sign a French 17 year old in August and maybe that’s it.


That’s all we’ll need now Mertesucker has risen from beyond the grave… lol


Interesting, reports in that Tuchel has done one from Dortmund.

Hello @Calmdown?

Would be perfect for the Arse. Speaks great English, clever guy with interesting ideas.


Arsen has signed a two year deal.




Tuchel has left Borussia Dortmund. I can see him managing in England next season given how well Klopp and Wagner have done.


Made my day. :heart_eyes: