Love this from the Guardian:

Following Chelsea’s no-show in the FA Cup final and Arsenal’s surprisingly accomplished performance, a board meeting was held at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday and the early indications are that Wenger has Adebayored another two-year deal!



Pool will be signing one of our former juniors. Solanke!


Looks like he turned down a new contract with Chelsea so looks like he’s someone that wants to play rather than just picking up wages.


There is an irony that Sir Jose has picked many more youngsters than either Chavski or City, when he is anti youngster. must be a blip.

Interesting if you look back to the train wreck that was LvGs time at United 15 months ago and then look at us now, Sir Jose has done a pretty good job, we are on the up.


Think the reason he has done that is he hasn’t a lot of choice


LvG. Wins the FA Cup without ever looking seriously like challenging for the title & failing to get CL football = Fired

Arsene Wenger. Wins the FA Cup without ever looking seriously like challenging for the title & failing to get CL football = 2 more years! :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:


In fairness Arsenal are entertaining to watch. LvG’s United were tedious. The current United team is turgid at best and Wimbledon circa 1988/9 at their worst.


It’s no good just being entertaining in February during the annual collapse. Arsenal have to get back to being entertaining all year round.


Anyone know any good companies that make and fly banners over football pitches, that I can buy shares in?


Alisher Usmanov Banners Ltd


Juve’ playing very well so far. Looking confident.

Hope they keep it up!




What a goal!


I’m watching YouTube cast to the TV. What is the point of a high res 4k feed if it’s at low frame rate? Are the people who organise this kind of thing actually blind?


Hope they stuff Real

BT sport are broadcasting it free.


That’s a goal and a half


You know you can adjust YT frame rate via the settings cog icon in the bottom right-hand corner?

I only go from 480 to 720p on the laptop, but it’s much better.


Why aren’t you watching it on BT Sport 2?


Good first half, very enjoyable


I switched over to that!