Wow, that’s horrible news. Very sad.



A fella on Twitter made me laugh when it looked like we were missing out on him.

He said instead of going after van Dijk we should be finding out who Southampton are buying to replace him, cut out the middle man and just buy him instead. :smiley:


Liverpool apologise to Southampton and drop their interest in signing Van Dijk.

Thank God - way overpriced.:+1:

Need two top full backs and a pacey winger / striker (like Sturridge only not made of glass).

If Hendo can get fit we are pretty sorted for central / defensive midfield (Milner can move into midfield if we get a decent left back) and we have enough tippy tappy creative players in Couts, Firms and Lala.:smile:


Total embarrassment.


I guess that while they are already serving a 2 year ban on signing academy players after tapping up the 12 year old Stoke trainee it wouldn’t have been great PR to get caught up in further dodginess.


They would have been banned from the transfer market. Tapping up players is illegal. We might get him now for half price and £100000 pounds a week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, Chelsea would know.

I guess we are just very bad at it.


We have American owners and we all know how subtle the Yanks are when it comes to the art of diplomacy and negotiation.


U20 World Cup semi final is hotting up nicely


And Eng-er-land are in the World Cup Final :clap:


A couple for solanke will please the redmen amongst us and Ojo had a good game by the sounds of it


Quick word to Sir Jose, can we have Costa.


I wonder if this is for real. There is a whiff of Yaya Toure birthday cake about it. I think Costa just wants a hug.

Anyway, he is a massive, masive cunt and I would have him at Liverpool in a heartbeat.


What a fantastic game. Well done England. First World Cup win since '66. :grinning:


Should we be very excited about what these boys could achieve for their country at the '20 Euros or '22 World Cup?


A lot depends on how their clubs help them progress and if they give them games rather than buy established players from overseas.


No. Players need playing time to develop and that’s just not how premiership squads tend to work nowadays (by and large, there are exceptions rather than this being commonplace).


Nicely worked opener




That was piss poor from England. 10 man France could have, indeed should have, scored at least another 2 goals in the second half. Schoolboy defensive play.