England always fuck it up when they play in June.:smiling_imp:


England don’t have the players, pace, or guile.


I tried and tried, back in the '70’s, but June would never let me fuck it up. Pity really, she was lovely.


Or manager, which is probably key.


Thought France looked very good,admittedly England made them look better than they probably are.


England have the wrong manager in fly catcher, he is weak and the players know it.


Chelsea have Burnley at Home first game of the season.


Newcastle have Spurs at home. Looking forward to it, a good test for our first game back in the premier league :slight_smile:


We have Stoke in the first game, followed by the proper football starting with City, Chelsea, Tottenham and United in a row. Of those four games, only Spuds is a home fixture. This could be quite a painful start unless our defence turns up.


Chav’s will be looking for a new manager next month. Nobody has a public go at Roman and his henchmen.



I have one spare ticket available for the Liverpool v Arsenal game which is currently scheduled for 26th August, but could be moved to 27th or even 28th to accommodate TV.

I can’t attend because of holidays.

If you are interested please PM me. I’ll sell it for £40, about 10% under face value.


We’ve got the Slut, and we are off to raid Chel$ki


FFS, Celtic have been drawn away to Linfield on July 12th in the CL qualifiers. No way that will go ahead. To avoid mayhem, I suspect they’ll play the first round at Parkhead. Even then, having their supporters come to Glasgow on that particular date is not a pleasant prospect.


Looks like UEFA are trolling you


Not just UEFA. Unionist cunts couldn’t be happier. They drone on about winning the independence referendum and winning the brexit vote.They’re still crowing about the GE results in Scotland demanding the SNP take indyref2 ‘aff the table’. Worse, we’ve got the DUP in government, so called ‘Rangers’ spending money like it’s going out of fashion and now UEFA inflict this affront to decency on us on Orangemen’s Day. No happy.


They are one of the ‘Blues Brothers’ can you guess the other 2?


Inflation, huh. Another classic example of Chelsea stockpiling and never using players.

Could be a good one for us.


Looks like Palace have offered the manager’s chair to De Boer. I hope it comes with a cushion as I imagine Fat Sam has stretched it a fair bit.


Do Chelsea refuse to sell to English clubs?

Players seem to go abroad for a few quid then come back to England for mega bucks a year or two later.