It’s a whole other level up there.



I thought the Dailymash was just made up fantasy stuff.:wink:


Reminded me that Duffer’s back in the PL! Always a good laugh. :smiley:



Yes, total disaster for him last season. :smiley:


Apart from teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown it seemed to go really well.


His home in Easton Square Belgravia. Nice.


Caption competition.


Honestly, I’m not!

I only do that on riverbanks


Close the lid


Arsene to tight to pay for hessian sack and bricks?


Arsenal splash out on a Jacuzzi.


Didn’t he play for Napoli?


I’m wheelie good.


Who are you ?


wrong bin for that type of waste…


He has been charged. Quite right to.


Here’s Jose enjoying a pre-season friendly

From the BBC:

You know when you don’t want to do something but you have to? As soon as Antonio Valencia thundered through the back of Sebastian Saucedo, referee Allen Chapman knew he had to act.

Chapman - whose previous claim to fame was being the first video assistant referee to make an actual decision during a United States Soccer League game in 2016 - first looked warily at Jose Mourinho. Then, after making sure the injured player was being taken care of, he walked over to the United manager.

Please take Valencia off, requested Chapman, aware dismissing a United player in a friendly would create a stir.

No, came Mourinho’s reply. So, almost apologetically, Chapman walked to Valencia, went to his back pocket and sent the Ecuador player off.

What a tool.


Perhaps if Saucedo had been booked earlier for injuring Mata (causing him to have to go off) as he would have been in a non-friendly then the aggression levels wouldn’t have been heightened and the situation might have been avoided.

But it’s Mourinho & Utd so who cares? :smiley: