The usual bullshit clickbait.


If Coutinho does go then Klopp surely has to walk if he has any pride.


LOL, as if it has anything to do with the manager.


Agreed, But he has stated categorically to rooms full of journalists that he is ‘not’ for sale.

I’d have much more respect for him if he did walk. We can then try to entice Brendan or Woy back.:+1:


Clearly he should have said, “yes mate, get your bids in”.


May said there will be no election,but is still there.I’m sure klopp will stay


But like May, Klopp should resign due to the acute embarrassment of how things turned out.


You should resign.


Not sure what else klopp can say when asked.


Anyway, Super Cup tonight. Are United playing Matic and co?


3-0 to RM




Honesty is the best policy. Just say ‘I don’t know, I have no real control on first team affairs’.


First team affairs isn’t transfer strategy, and he was quite clear about how transfers were conducted when he arrived.

There aren’t any managers involved in selling players any more, Paul. Even Ferguson couldn’t hang on to Ronaldo when the club decided to sell him on and cash in.


I was always under the impression Fergie was happy to let Ronaldo go as long as the fee was acceptable - don’t remember it being a big fuss.

But Klopp insisting that Coutinho is not for sale, when in reality he knows it’s likely to happen is just stupid.

Like Wenger claiming that having players go into the last year of their contract is an ‘ideal situation’ - no one believes he means it and he just looks like an arse.

Either way, when we lose to Watford and get knocked out by Hoffenheim it will all be pretty moot.:smiling_imp: