Fellaini has contributed to winning stuff so not really comparable unfortunately. Obviously not that shite despite your contempt!


Djimi Traore won the European Cup. Your argument is bunk.


Surely United (allegedly the richest and biggest club in the world) can afford to pay as much (transfers and wages) as Bayern and Juve - therefore accepting that your team is only capable of playing dire ‘make a nuisance of yourself’ type football is bizarre.


Football is just like hifi - it’s a matter of synergy. There may be a player who isn’t great by any means, but somehow he brings shape to the team and allows them to excel. Sometimes the system needs the clarity of solid state rather than the texture of valves, to tie it all together. Like a rug.


I think you’re over reacting to the result. They were second best for some of last night’s game but not for all of it. They had opportunities to equalise. It might be argued that Real’s first goal should have been disallowed and you’re implying that only Fellaini did anything which simply wasn’t the case. I haven’t suggested that Utd only played ‘make a nuisance’ football. For the first 15 minutes and last 25 they played pretty well. Other than that you’re making perfect sense. :grinning:


So did Stevie G. Didn’t make him good either!


For the record I haven’t seen a single minute of last nights game or read any match reports.

But your comment about Fellani warranted a good troll.:wink:

But seriously, you seem to be happy to accept that Bayern, Juve etc are going to be much better than Man Utd this season - ‘you hope United reach the knock out stages’. Given your resources is this acceptable?


Excellent thought, shame nobody has managed it yet.


I haven’t accepted that Bayern, Juve etc are necessarily going to do better than Utd but given how far off that level Utd have been over the past 3 seasons, it’d be foolish to be saying they’ll sweep all in Europe before them this season. Mourinho is building a new team which will in all likelihood play in a Mourinho way rather than anything like how Ferguson’s (or LvG’s) teams played. He’s still learning how to use some of those players with one another & it’ll take time. But I can’t see any reason why the team he’s building can’t get to that top level during the next few seasons. They do look as though they still need a quick wide player though. I’d like to see Perisic there but it’s not looking likely.


I agree with this. However the decision to leave Rashford on the bench and persist with two not very pacy wide players was down to the manager.


He’s certainly more cautious than I’d like but in the longer term it wins things which is why people hire him.


How much game time is Fellaini going to get anyway with Matic at the club?

He’ll only get a go when Mourinho feels somebody needs an elbow in the face.


Yep, and large sums of money on coaches to do this for them.


He couldn’t even get a fully justified assault on Sergio Ramos right yesterday. Disappointing really.


Christ, that match up has more going for it than Mayweather v MacGregor.


I hate my team having to play against Fellaini because he can be a handful at times and last night he unsettled the RM defence. Real Madrid are just class, best team in Europe and Man. U are still building. It’s early doors and the game is still a glorified friendly wait until the end of September.


Sleeve advertising! What next?


Some Rugby League shirts seem to cope…


Here is our’s. At least there is room for the Premier League Campions badge. :sunglasses:


In fairness, there’s room for all of Chelsea’s league titles to be listed.

They’ve caught up with Phil Neville now :thumbsup: