Great win in the end for Arsenal. Despite losing, Leicester looked good - I wonder if they could be pushing the top 6 again this season?


Highly unlikely IMO


Oi Jürgen, what about defending from corners?


Mane is back at it


Same old same old, should have been a win


Mad Saturday!


Conte looks like he is about to have a melt-down. :smiley::joy:


Oi - that is my catch phrase when it comes to Liverpool.:rage:

Klopp Out.:-1:


Liverpools defending is shocking, how the defensive coach is still in a job there is a puzzle. They need two decent centre halves as the ones that they played were complete rubbish. Nobody seems to be able to head a ball in defense.

The City match told us nothing really, other than Peps formation makes them mostly very narrow and easy to defend against. Both wingbacks like to cut in, so the defense can stay tight in the middle (in the case of Brighton 6 at the back with two just in front).


And Alan Shearer and Ian Wright on MOTD last night have fallen into the modern trap of prescribing the only solution to losing a game is go and spend more money :tired_face:. Fucking tools :roll_eyes:


Blast from the past and a totally different era; Utd could field the most expenisive team ever in the Prem today.

I’ll not hold my breath but could do with some of this. :grinning:


nice win Spurs, a team with synergy


I see Lindelof has paid the price, he looks 18 months learning away from being a 1st team regular to me. Bit of a punt by Jose. He has to be behind at least 4 of out centre halves.

Nice to see we are 2-0 up, playing OK.

Oh no, lampost is on.


He is the new Jon Obi Mikel. Comes on at 2-0 up to disrupt the opposition.


Or he scores an own goal.


Spuds had nothing until the sending off. Alli is a horrible little shit (I have him in my fantasy team though!!). Was a sending off but my view of him was from the rest of the game. Kane’s tackle on Lejeune was much worse. Couldnt hear Spuds fans until they went 1-0 up and there was a lot of them not saying much.


I know nothing of what you speak… you must have been watching a different game… I’ve never heard of a team called Spuds