Recall one of your 2 million loanees :smile:


I can not believe that LvG is on the shortlist for Munich manager, FFS, did they not see how much he fucked up at United?


Hasn’t he been there before?


'arry Kane to Real Bastards won’t happen, just total bollocks.

a. Real Shitebastards don’t have the money.
b. Spuds won’t sell, because that would be their champions league done for, for the next four seasons.
c. Why would he leave?


His wages would be over double what he gets now.


He could go to City or United and get triple.

Since Bale, Real Bastards have been outbid for every key player they have tried for.


Kane is far too fucking thick to learn even the most basic Spanish so I can’t see that being a realistic match for either party.


Anybody else underwhelmed by this line-up?

England team to play Slovenia at Wembley: Hart, Walker, Bertrand, Dier, Cahill, Stones, Sterling, Henderson, Kane, Rashford, Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Is Sterling really that bad?




I like Sterling. Game is really quite poor.


I assume it’s the usual England underachievement, and I can’t watch it even if I had wanted to?

I’ll put some music on.


How the fuck does Walker get to take that free kick?

Shows the class of the rest of the team, maybe.


not a great game, They seem fragile in defence, and whilst the mid field can run at the opposition and play tippy tappy short passes, they are going nowhere fast…


Might go and have a pool and read me book.


Hart and the Ox, dreary me.


How did you manage to fit a pool in your back garden?


Bugger. Stoopid phone (user).


Keep posting, it’s infinitely more interesting than the game


Watching an Ac/DC video with Bon Scott, far more interesting than England under fly catcher.