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Diesel monkeys, that’s a thing in Germany, utter cunts.


AA: It’s all just got just a bit too HIFI.


Yep, seems the underbelly is surfacing again.


Fuck off - there’s nearly as much plumbing as hi fi on here! :unamused:



Dirty Secret: weirdly, some of us actually quite like a sneaky bit of hifi now and then…



^^^ It’s Mo’ what did it. More HiFi threads than you can shake a stick at.


You have been upgraded from Dick to Cunt.


Has some one having a mard as they missed out on cheese pasties again?


Fuck sake, I was only taking the piss.

I too enjoy a bit o’ HiFi.


Ha, you say that now :blush:


Based on recent obsessions, surely - Audio Abattoir; Punning Cunts


Cunning punts