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Coco has nailed it - please close thread now.


Nah. Fuck that !


Grabbing hi-fi by the pussy


Haha, yes.


Btw Kelley, what is the general view across the border?


Regarding the Groper in Chief, I assume?
Uncertainty . . . even right-wingers I know are alarmed by Trump’s lack of qualification for the job at hand.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website crashed on Tuesday night :open_mouth:


When do you start building your wall? Can you get him to pay for it?


I was amazed to read that from the exit poll 18% believed he didn’t have the skills to be president but still voted for him and 20% didn’t think he had the right temperament but still voted for him.


More college graduates voted for Trump than Clinton!


Fact is, there was a large chunk of the electorate which felt that what was needed, much much more than anything else, was to kick the existing political system very hard indeed. Because it simply wasn’t working for them. They would accept four years of a goon in charge to achieve that. They’ve delivered the kicking and got the goon. Let’s see if the kicking works.

It may turn out, along with Brexit, that it works better in countries who have elections coming up. In the face of these ‘impossible’ results actually happening complacent self-serving politicians there may decide to pay attention to the voters. If it does then good, and the self-harm that we and now the US have inflicted on ourselves may do at least some good.



In summary: “My wife says I need help”.


Paraphrase James comment in an article.

“I died, wife sold it for what I said it cost”.

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Pork, Beer and Whine !




That’s a fucking load of lies…:innocent:



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