General election 8th June


Who’da thunk it


Sadly I doubt it will change much.


Given the polls that came out yesterday it’s hardly surprising.

Surely this will be the end for Corbyn. Can see the Lib Dems winning a fair few seats this time.


Unfortunately, with a leader that thinks he’s a stand up comedian, I doubt it.


I like Nick Clegg all over again now :grin:



Yes, it a majority in one sense.

But to tumble a Union into dissolution.




This is good news for Labour supporters, means you’ve only got to put up with Corbyn for a couple more months… lol.


Corbyn’s great chance to be PM.


Rabski will be checking his piggy bank as we speak.



She’s obviously been inspired by Erdogan. We’re heading for the full fat 100% Tory owned Brexit car crash. At least no other party will have to take any of the blame for it.


How will Rabs ever finish his 300b amp now, when there are so many doors to be knocked on?


First, sign up for Article 50.
Next, call an election.
If Tories win, they’ll claim a mandate from the British public to do whatever they feel like with regard to Brexit.
If they lose, it’s someone else’s problem.


I reckon turnout will be shocking for this.


I was thinking more of his wager with you :grinning:


I already lost that because I said Christmas 2016.

I’m not even sure he will fuck off after the GE. He’s like the worst genital wort ever.


I don’t feel like I can vote for anyone, and I always vote…pick the worst/best offender…


A lot of Labour MPs will be checking their pension pots. Are they taking bets on the next Labour leader, time for Chuka.

Just hope SNP lose a load of seats.


Will Labour go full Brexin? Offering another referendum? The ONLY chance they have.


I have been saying that for a while