General election 8th June


You have nothing against a wanking thread Though?


He’ll be with you once he’s finished <:fist:>


I’m fine with that. In priority order:

Wanking >> watching paint dry >> hifi > fishing > golf >> Terry’s music.


Fuck, you beat me to it with that sharp edit :rage:


Haha! I love The way HiFi follows watching paint dry :joy:






I might start a pre-locked fishing thread. Pour encourager les autres.


As a child I used to go fishing for golf balls…


Me too, excellent source of income that was usually spent on maggots :thumbsup:


Cheap whiskey for me


Jeremy Hunt, in the debate on amendments to the Queen’s Speech just called the “Conservative party the party of the NHS”.


excuse me a moment, I need to dust off a meme:



The No Health Service.


It is a shame we can’t lock Jeremy Hunt in a room with several irate proctologists and a gastroenterologist with no sense of shame. They might give him a vivid demonstration of what he has been doing to the NHS over the last few years (without recourse to wasting an anesthetic because of austerity reasons).






My eyes! :scream:


I watched the May and holy grail vid last night :thumbsup: