General election 8th June


whats new?




I’m happy that the ‘king-makers’ of the tabloid press have been shown that with all their dishonest vitriol and shyster agenda the public still weren’t buying what they were selling. I can only imagine what the vote would have looked like if the press had been neutral.


Theresa May has been to see the Queeen


So is May on borrowed time or does she have a chance of stubbornly clinging on since she gives zero fucks about what people think of her?


Sturgeon’s obsession with ref2 saved the Conservatives from total wipe out, otherwise would have labour / SNP government today.

Interesting times :smile:


Can’t see how she holds on,the Tories will be fuming.
She wanted to take the glory of a landslide,she has to take the sword on her own,or with a gentle nudge.


Her speech on the steps of Downing St was basically 'nothing to see here, all carrying on as planned ’

There will be some very angry people in the Conservative party and some emboldened remainers looking for a softening of approach. It’s going to be difficult.


A picture paints a thousand words. Hard to imagine a community so impoverished of talent that this is the best person that they could find to lead them.




She will go.

No comment at all from Johnson, Gove, Hunt etc.

Who can replace her? I don’t think the public would put up with Johnson or Gove and you can hardly see them working together,. Hunt the NHS hatchet man would not be an acceptable public choice. Rudd is sitting on a 300 majority.

There will be another election in September/October the Tories have to find a public face that the public will accept.

Meanwhile if the PLP get their act together and get properly behind Corbyn with a strong Shadow Cabinet ( Chuka Ummuna, Stella Creasy, Rachel Reeves, Yvette Cooper, Keir Starmer etc) They could win a new election.


Feeling confident on my 50p on Rudd bet,unless Ruth Davidson comes along fast on the inside.


No chance for Elmer Fudd. Party leaders need strong majorities in their own seat


You could be right there, Corbyn basically took the reserve team to the final and lost on penalties.

Is it a protest vote though ? No one expected Labour to win.


She’ll need to win a by-election first.

Tim Farron’s speech :heart:


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Press office just received call asking if we can confirm that there WILL be an alliance between Greens and Conservatives :joy::joy::joy:


Ruth Davidson isn’t an MP. Otherwise, surely would be up for a top job.


Didn’t realise


I’m surprised the media and MPs seem surprised by the young vote.
Have they not read social media for the last 7 weeks?


Does this situation run the risk of stirring shit up in Ireland?