General election 8th June


Truth is stranger than fiction/satire:

One Cabinet source told The Daily Telegraph: “A cabal at the top of the Tory Party has allowed a terrorist sympathiser to get within an inch of Downing Street. Things must change.”

“But Arlene Foster and the DUP can stay in the Westminster Travelodge instead.” he didn’t add…


May’s aides Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill have both resigned ‘taking responsibility for their part in the failed campaign’

Shame May isn’t taking responsibility for her part.

Meanwhile Conservative Chief Whip is in Belfast to talk to DERP.



May will go, Then Boris? will have to go back to the country. Octoberfest.


I would be amazed if May is in charge next week. She is doing ludicrous damage to the Tory reputation (:smirk:). I can’t see this situation lasting as there isn’t sufficient discipline within the Party to stand behind her (unless queuing with the knife).

As for October fest, I can’t see this if you mean an election. A proper leadership contest would take us into August if she went tomorrow. Then a new leader would have to create the climate for an election. That means a further six months minimum.


I could be being optimistic with October. Depends how many of them fancy a crack. Boris surely has to have a go, its last chance time for him, even being the idiot he is he must realise that.


Imagine the DUP negotiating team today, first they get the moon on a stick from Mrs May, then they get to ream whoever takes over. Two goes at Xmas. We’ll know if they are complete loonies if they sign up to coalition. Confidence and supply is their path to whatever they want.

I really hope the peace at home can survive all this…


I can’t imagine it- it’s to fucking scary. What we need is


I think Boris will bide his time,
The next Tory leader could be the next Hague or IDS.
You only get one go.

Boris will want the PM job , any risk of not winning an election and he won’t run




He would probably do, It really depends what happens in the next week.
If the Tory’s dig an even bigger hole for themselves getting rid of May they will really need to look hard at whether they can win a General Election (something I didn’t think I would be saying a week ago!)

If they think they won’t win then Gove would be a good Stalking Horse and it would be his punishment for knifing Boris in the back last time.
The alternative would be an old grandee to fill the time like Michael Howard did in the past.

If the Tories believe they can win then it will be full gloves off, but Brexit is hanging over their heads, dealing with that and a leadership contest and an election is a hard call.


Gove is the choice if they think they will lose, as I don’t think he is an acceptable face to the public, his history as Secretary of State for Education and Justice and the Boris backstabbing will leave him exposed.


Even though Brexit is was a Tory dream, they must be regretting it now- apart from the truly looney fringe like Reece-Mogg. They seem fucked, it is truly great to see the public rising to support Corbyn, this is just the beginning for him, I think he would win whoever the Tories put up.


Interesting article about the DUP on the FT today, see here.


How sad that Corbyn was scorned as someone who would drag us back to the 70’s with his links to the Unions, the reality is the Conservatives are doing it with their links to the Unionists


And this in the Telegraph! :scream:

Actually, the Telegraph appears to have gone full potato. I wonder what the Mail, Sun et al are saying but won’t give them the clicks to find out.



Bloody paywall.


Sorry, work subs. I won’t break copyright, so here is a flavour:

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party was set up to utter just one word: “No”.

Now this one-time protest movement founded by a bombastic Presbyterian preacher from Northern Ireland is about to say “yes” to supporting a minority Conservative government.

After the most dramatic UK election result in decades, a political movement that was marginal to the wider trends across the country, locked into its mission to keep Northern Ireland in the UK, has been handed the casting vote as Theresa May seeks to form a workable Conservative government out of a hung parliament.

It is a role DUP leaders dreamt of for years as they tried to make their version of Ulster unionism, with its outsized sense of British patriotism and rightwing populism, more respectable for a British audience. “This is perfect territory for the DUP,” Jeffrey Donaldson, one of its leading figures, told the BBC.

The party is likely to have a lengthy wish list of demands in return for its support for a Conservative government, including the outright rejection of any “special status” for Northern Ireland in the EU after Brexit.

Yet now that it holds the balance of power at Westminster, the DUP may come under more scrutiny in Britain than it has received in Northern Ireland.

The DUP is a political movement steeped in religious and ethnic exceptionalism. “The DUP is a party for a community who believe they are a people apart,” said Jonathan Tonge, professor of politics at the University of Liverpool who has written extensively about unionism.

It was founded in 1971 by the Rev Ian Paisley, the dominant unionist leader of the Troubles, the political and sectarian violence that scarred Northern Ireland for 30 years up to the 1990s.

That is the polite bit. This link was in the comments:

I’ve no idea how reliable is as a source, but they don’t pull their punches.


Cheers Olan,

All a bit mad but the only online paper I pay for is teh Grauniad which doesn’t operate a paywall. Go figure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They truly are.