General election 8th June


I, the grapefruit and the lemon are yellow. We are impure.

Fanta, the Jaffa, Donald and our saviour Arlene are Orange and worthy of our worship. I aspire to orange and salvation. Your petty attempts at humour won’t seem so funny when judgment marches up to your front door on the 16th.



Confucius once say - I think, therefore I am. I’m Orange, therefore I’m not spam … or summat


The Observer definitely hasn’t channeled its inner Tango. This is most un-orangetastic:


No worries, great minds and all that! I think I was more succinct therefore got in earlier:grinning:!


As May is an incredible negotiator, I’m keen to see how her ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ pans out with the DUP


When me & Mrs Waxy first moved in together, there was a small Presbytarian church at the end of the road where we were renting in Bristol. One Sunday morning I was leaving to meet some friends for a spot of cycling only to open the door and see a Range Rover pulling up outside. In the car was Ian Paisley, the driver and what looked like two minders.

It was all a bit surreal.


Perfect for a Sunday I reckon.


What is that they say about a week being a long time in politics?

This is a brilliant piece of writing on where we’re at with the election and with Brexit



The more I think about it, this potential partnership between the Tories and the Orange Lodge is a disaster waiting to happen. Sinn Fein won’t stand for it, the GFA is in danger of being flushed into the septic tank that is NI politics, which will give both sets of loonies an excuse to revisit their old grievances and antipathy.

This is a dangerous situation, and it really is beyond belief that May would endanger the peace just so she can cling desperately onto power for a few more weeks/months (because that’s all she’s got).


Exactly my take on the situation, she has inexplicably placed British politics on the edge of an abyss in a very Trump like manner. Self gratification and the greed for power seemingly overriding the countries needs for stability, Brexit next, we don’t seem very strong or stable and with the clowns the Tories have in reserve, the future prognosis seems poor.
Time for Theresa to remove her tinfoil hat.


I just can’t see why the DUP would want to be associated with such a toxic & xenophobic shower of mentalists as the Conservative party.


This is the situation as I see it:


No, you can’t.


IMO the tories somehow need to get Ruth Davidson in charge.
If they don’t JC will be in power in 12 months or less.


So, the Tories have the worst election campaign in living memory …

Labour have the best campaign ever, including abolishing tuition fees (a policy they introduced when they once owned a calculator!), and they did no better than Gordon ‘bigot’ Brown in 2010!

Even if we have another election in the near future I can’t see the status quo changing that much, unless the minority parties are virtually eliminated… imo…


If there is another GE this year,i think JC would beat May,Gove,Rudd or Boris if in power.


I think this too, as the damage has been done. The public no longer trust / believe in Tory


JC would beat anyone the Tories put up. I fear they may now try to hold on until the mood of the Nation changes and they are seen in a less despicable light. Even then I think they have had it. JC is an unstoppable force gaining support daily :+1:


That is indeed possible, but given that JC has revealed his hand re his policies, it wouldn’t be that difficult for a properly constructed manifesto, and a potential leader who was prepared to go head to head with him to offset that momentum.

Anyhow, it’s going to be interesting to see how the next few months pan out, and whether the EU will help or hinder the process…