General election 8th June


True enough. But I see the Tories pulling up the drawbridge and battening down the hatches and waiting for the tsunami to pass before raising their heads above the parapet.


what does this say about the mentality of those whose knowingly chose to vote for an idiot? She was so bad I voted against the Tory party for the first time in my life. Fucking disgrace…


I trust Gerry Adams and Europe may be gently tapping on their hatches soonish


'Tis also my wish :thumbsup:



Thanks; perfectly sums it up, thank god for intelligent journalism.


Less “Debbie does Dallas” and more “Theresa fucks the U.K.”:grin:


Too late for that, I is buzzing. A year ago you would have trolled me for suggesting he could beat a drum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Such standards :smiley:


Here’s what I think will go down:

TM to get booted in the summer break. Ruth Davidson to take over via a by-election on the way.

New GE to take place in the autumn and Tories to lose 10 of the 12 seats they gained in Scotland to Labour for a net swing of 20 them. England results will stay largely the same.

Jezza to form minority gov with wee Jimmy Krankie, leading to a massive clusterfuck and another election in 2 years.

Lob a fiver on that.



Pruitt and Gove in charge of their respective Environmental departments - Dumb and dumberer indeed


So all three of May’s competitors for the Tory leadership are now in the cabinet. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer …



As part of the cabinet, they will have to follow the party line or resign and so isolate themselves. Totally political move.


Hopefully Teresa does a better interview with the 1922 Committee tomorrow than she did on the One Show.


"I’m strong and stable. Strong and stable. Strong and stable. Strong and stable. Strong and stable."
That might work :thinking:



Talks with DUP to start Tuesday;


Oi! I posted that yesterday!



So you did.
Pretty sure my one is better though.:cop: