General election 8th June


I’m guessing that’ll be a question with no straight answer.




Is it as much per capita as Scotland gets?


NI already highest


Very good bit of analysis. A particularly pertinent quote is

So in total the package of support they’ve won is certainly more than £1.5bn - and possibly as much as the rumored £2bn they were demanding.

Excellent value for money :rage:


Austerity is over then… lol


I’ve had a reply from a staff member asking to confirm my street address and postcode already - which I provided. So we’ll see.


Only if you’re a terrorist.



They’re freedom fighters…


The DUP deal is to give May room against errant Tories who don’t like her or her policies.


There’s not enough DUP for that…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The weasel words will probably say that the talks with the DUP had two items on the agenda

  1. Whether the government might be persuaded that because of NI’s long and troubled history it was actually lagging behind the rest of the UK in terms of its infrastructure and whether, therefore, a spending increase was justified in all fairness to go some way to helping it catch up.

  2. Whether the parties could reach a supply and confidence agreement.

These two items were, of course, WHOLLY UNRELATED and were only being discussed at the same time by PURE COINCIDENCE.






Already posted in this thread by @J_B yesterday - keep up son…


NI biggest shithole even so


That’s presumably why such a weighting has been applied for so long.


Fair enough Santa. Try this instead:

Gotta laugh at the amount of militant left wing stuff coming up in my FB feed these days. If only they knew I was yellow and not red…


Sorry dad…




Is this the cnut who was joking about a bbq at Grenfell last week?

Lovely chap. Katy Hopkins doing stand-up. He should get a column in the Daily Mail. He’d fit in well.