General election 8th June



Desperate backsliding. The poor snowflake. Obviously upset by the criticism he got.


I’m pleased with this deal. Think of the savings if we have an Orange Brexit. Easier to understand than the current Red, White and Blue one anyway.

I think I’ll get a tattoo of the Rev Ian on my 'nads as a mark of respect. From yellow to orange is such a short distance to travel…



He certainly gets bites.


So does KT Hopkins.
His problem really is not being offensive. It’s not being funny.


I find him funny. Well, his Twitter at least. I haven’t seen any shows.


Ugh, I can only imagine what his audiences are like.

Andrew Lawrence on the Finsbury Park incident.

“I defy anyone to try and drive around Finsbury Park and not feel some degree of road rage.”

Oh dear.


Thought that one was pretty good too.



It’s OK, everyone in NI was de-classified to just a “bit naughty” since Saint Jeremy met Sinn Fein in the 80s.


Exactly. Talking to people and trying to resolve a conflict is a fucking shameful thing to do. He should be taken out and shot at dawn.


I see that Sir would like to have his cake and eat it. Very well.


Ah, I get it now. Only you get to do sarcasm.


That’s a tad generous, I’ve seen him try many times but he’s yet to succeed.


Mate, shouldn’t you be leaving HFWW for the 8th time?


Is it up to 8 already, I lost count many flounces ago.


At least ‘St Jeremy’ was doing it openly & not in secret while righteously pretending that she would never talk to terrorists. Ian Paisley was expelled from the commons for exposing the nonsense of that piece of hypocrisy.


What was he talking to them about? He was a paraiah in his own party, even then.

And indeed, doesn’t this talk of hypocrisy make my point for me?