General election 8th June


Can it be done?
Something’s got to change.


… we have to recognise there is no limit to the spending that can be undertaken to solve these problems – so long as we are willing to tax that spend back when inflation threatens. In other words, our only limit is the ability of the country to work: money is not the issue.

Ah, the physicist’s view of economics. Might work if we are brave enough to let go of the rope and leap into the void. But with an ageing population and a reluctance to encourage immigrants to come and work here have we really got our head around ‘the ability of the country to work’ ?



I bet Sturgeon is pissed that she didn’t put her hand up first to help bail the government out…:joy:

Anyway I wonder what she’s going to demand that the English taxpayer gives her this time, to shelve the Indy vote…
Of course she could always raise taxes in Scotland, it’s well within her powers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Been quiet since the GE, hasn’t she :wink:


New Scotland Indy poll yes 43% no 57%


From David Cameron in 2015


Cameron. Political genius


Brent crude at $46 right now, WTI at $44.



I think that Sturgeon misjudged the election period badly - which is quite surprising for me, she’s normally quite astute (or lucky). The best position would be to clearly focus on Brexit in the first instance, as there would be no possibility of Scotland staying in the EU while rUK left. IndyRef2 would only be considered during this parliament in the case of a hard Brexit.

She kept on saying that this wasn’t about IndyRef2, but I don’t think she explicitly took it off the table if the Brexit outcome was vaguely acceptable. That, I think, was a misjudgment.


I miss her and Alex :cry:


Mind you, I think £1bn is small change to what Sturgeon would have prised out of Corbyn to put him in power…


You’ll get to find out in 6 months time when May is out on her arse :laughing:

Actually I think that the youth have a taste for using their votes and have been encouraged by their impact on the last election and been subsequently disappointed by the current government shambles. Whether you like it or not I think they would swing Corbyn into power with a majority tbh.


Show your working please.


3/10 must try harder.


He’d be doing very well if he got 2.5 times as many MPs for the same or less. But he is the second coming, so who knows?

But let’s not get too hung up of hypotheticals. He’ll get another go in the autumn.


You think she’d do it for nothing?



You claim Sturgeon would get more from Labour. The implication being that Corbyn would chuck money at her to get support from the SNP. I suggest you make this claim so as to deflect from May’s behaviour, I. E. they’re all as bad.



There’s been a lot of this ‘they’re all as bad…’ recently. It’s quite funny to watch where it comes from & how it’s used.