Gigs I'm going to


Still dithering about going to Field Day on Saturday.

Kite Base are playing, so that might settle it.


Cheers for that link. Now trying to persuade the good lady to come (and drive :grinning:)


we’re staying one night at the seaside… will probably get the train


Electric Wizard, Bristol Bierkeller, Aug 17th


Kode9 is DJing in the afternoon. That definitely settles it. Craft ale and bao buns (all on contactless natch) ahoy.


If I wasn’t elsewhere on Saturday - I’d be going to Field Day just for Death Grips


Kraftwerk, Dublin on Friday night…:smiling_imp:


hmmm ponders Louise… is it worth going to Field Day for half a day to see Death Grips and then on to the Olympic Stadium for Depeche Mode… its a mad plan… but it could work…


They’re on THE LIST.


the deed is done - we shall spend half a day at Field Day, leave after Death Grips and then hot foot it over to the Olympic Stadium for the Depeche Mode.

Going to be a busy old weekend, after the Gorillaz gig on Friday night…


I never thought i’d hear and see the Alban Arena rock like that. Never really known much about the Gorillaz, but wow, they rocked the arena. The sound was great and the bass line was trouser flapping - Louise reckons it nearly knocked her off her feet. Damon Albarn is a showman. Have seen him in Blur a few times, but this was something else.

What a fantastic gig from some super stars in a tiny venue…

Onwards to tomorrow where we are really looking forwards to Death Grips at Field Day in Victoria Park, and then Depeche Mode in the Olympic Stadium


Four blokes checking their email and trolling Internet forums last night in Dublin. Wonderful gig :sunglasses:


Early start for me. I really want to see Kite Base, and they’re on at 12.20. WTF?


we’ll get there eventually, got a stinking hangover from the Gorillaz gig last night


I can’t wait.

You rated it then? How long were they on for?

I’m on the second row and worried I may be a bit close for the 3D.


Made it.

Two bassists, zero crowd, what’s not to like?


On just after 8. Off just before 10:00. Good show if you’re interested in KW.


Albarn Alban then…:grinning:


On our way - tube to Mile End


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, srs knob-twiddling going on here.