Gigs I'm going to


Not long back from Kraftwerk

Great night, although my wife was so tired she nodded off despite the bass blowing your guts out ( we were on row B at the front and next to the woofers…). Hot day, and end of a long weekend.

The graphics arsed up during Computer World, and started showIng Boing… boom… the band played on either oblivious or hoping no one would know.

To my relief they did play it at the end and made sure everyone could see they really were doing something with those desks.
Robots was superb

I would love to know what each desk had on it, and what the members really did with the equipment and foot pedals.


cool, we’re seeing them on Wednesday.


Out of interest, did you see what make those subs were?




Great big square thing with multiple vents. No idea.
It was very good at what it did!


Just got back in from this

For 2nd year students they were bloody good - word and delivery perfect (not easy when you’re not reading from a radio script) and they sang some of it very sweetly indeed too.

I’d still give a tooth or two to be have been in on this though



Richard Dawson tonight in Brighton.

Got a text earlier from Rich (dicy on the Wam) who had a spare.

Never heard his music so no idea what I am letting myself in for.

Wiki lists his genres as

Folk, psychedelic folk, experimental rock, avant-garde

So could be amazing or a load of self indulgent noodling bollocks, time will tell :grin:


Sounds like it will be good!


we were seriously impressed by them at the Albert Hall, who knows what each does at those consoles, but they were brilliant. The acoustics and the sound in the Albert Hall are excellent.


This tonight.

Edit: and very good it was too. Pinkerton almost had you believing that he wasn’t a complete git at the end of the first act…


Taking my Mum to see Gladys Knight tonight for her birthday - if she’s as good as she was last year then it should be a good 'un :thumbsup:


He was a cunt. Poor Cho Cho San. :cry:


Awesome just awesome - done a Prince medley with Purple Rain at the end I did shed a tear or two :sob:


Radiohead, Manchester last nite.
Watched Glastonbury on the telly & was a bit underwhelmed. But last night the band were no other word for it, perfection, the set list was inspired and Thom Yorke actually enjoyed himself.


Radiohead are probably one of the only groups i’d pay a fair bit to see.
Just not keen on seeing them in a big stadium.

Eden project would be fantastic.


off to see Skepta, Wiley, Sean Paul and others at Finsbury Park on Saturday


Crap drive to Manchester. Hotel mega bucks. Taxis outrageous.
Unsuitable venue. Huge queues due to full body searches (thank you security man for looking the other way at the vodka) and a cricket ground that does not make a great venue for a gig (think I was stood at silly mid off or long leg)
Today I’m bollocksed, poorer and getting over a hang over.
It was however, totally. fucking. unmissable.

Not my footage btw…


Bristol Psych Fest on Sunday

I’m, er, psyched to be going.:alien:




The Unthanks with Army Of Generals conducted by Charles Hazelwood - Royal Festival Hall - 13th December