Gigs I'm going to


Peatbog Faeries round the corner tomorrow night. Sadly it’s a seated arts centre so there won’t be dancing



Surely the perfect opportunity to get the cape out and dance.


Hope the sound is better than when I saw them in Sheffield a year or two ago. Far too loud and bass over everything.


I’d be the only one and it’s unlikely that I’ll have had that much whisky that early.

I hope it’s not OTT too - it’s not a big venue. Thanks for the warning though. I might take some plugs just in case.



Yes, amplified Highland pipes and the rest of the band turned up to match them can be a bit overpowering in a small space. Came home and played a CD of theirs and thought “that’s better”.


They’re performing at Baltasound on Unst on 15th at the Unstfest 2017

I’d like to see them and can get a ferry there direct, however they don’t come on stage until 10pm and the last ferry back is 11.05pm :disappointed:

I could take a tent or sleep in the car, I suppose. I’ll have a think about that one.


If Dave is right you should be able just to go outside and hear them well enough from your garden.



This looks comfy enough



Haha, yes.

It’s still there and gets ‘redecorated’ from time to time. Always new things appearing in it.


Well they were excellent !! Tight as the duck’s proverbial. For me the guitarist could have been 6dB louder, but otherwise they were really well balanced (to be fair it’s a theatre, so the sound travels well but it never comes back - the acoustic is doornail dead and there’s zero bass boom - and the drummer didn’t break sweat). The one problem we had was very little dance space. They are very much a jiggin’ about band. We got up anyway towards the end.

As I sit here I’ve now got just a little ringing in the ears and there was no need for the plugs. I may have to leave the clavichord CD until tomorrow though.

I’d recommend getting across to Baltasound Paul. I’d certainly see them again.



Great! Perhaps it was just the sound man’s off day at the Greystones when I saw them. Their CDs are good. I’ll have to give them another chance live.


Glad you enjoyed them!

I’m going to go next Saturday. I’ll take my backpacking tent and a sleeping bag, although I might have a few jars and just sleep in the car :smile:


We did have 32 slightly sweaty bars at the very start as the fiddler went, increasingly frantically, through every one of his FX pedals trying to find which one was silencing him. He fixed it with a few seconds to spare !

Incidentally they can turn into a very decent calypso band when the mood takes them. The whistles can sound very flutey for the proggists. And Mrs VB reckoned there was more than a touch of acid house in the last few numbers.



We’ll have to live on jam and bread for all of next week. It’s £15 entry!


Tonight would have been £18.50. But the arts centre has a 20% off everything deal (including the bar) plus priority booking for £45/year (covers 2 people). So we got in for under £15.



Looking forward to my day ahead :sunglasses:


Wireless at Finsbury park yesterday - now my headache has gone (what were we going to do with 20 free drinks vouchers between us?)…

Skepta was the highlight of the day, the sound was excellent with ground shaking bass as was his performance - he played a great range of his material, getting the crowd going. The mosh pit was carnage. The bonus was that he bought along most of BBK, which was amazing.

As for the support, Wiley didn’t bother showing up, Sean Paul wasn’t great, Tim Westwood is past it. But Lethal Bizzle who was a surprise act was great, Young Thug and then Rae Sremmurd, were new discoveries.

A great festival, we’d go, again, and we’d see Skepta with or without BBK at the drop of a hat - in fact had we not been on our hols I’d have snapped up tickets for the BBK takeover of the O2 at Greenwich in August


…and in English :flushed:


hmmm yes I see what you mean - corrected


That’s a bit freudian…