Gigs I'm going to


sod it I’m giving up…:scream:


As if its not hot enough at Hyde Park right now Stevie Nicks decides to get the fur and gloves out. Mad woman :smile:


Ah, time was.



Plenty of photos on t’interwebs <<:fist:>>


Did you see Head and the Heart, always liked Let’s Be Still album.


Unfortunately not Pete.


Yeah, she’s about as attractive as Amber Rudd now…err, hold on…


Ahem, looks like Jim’s just off to the riverbank with his rod and tackle for some me-time!


I’ve not heard them called that before.



Which one? I’m going to a couple of theirs, I think.


Check out the crazy Ed Sheeran prices -




from the exponents of Grime (Skepta, Young Thug et al) last Saturday, to Folk by the Oak in the grounds of Hatfield House next Sunday.


I think Brixton is the furthest South we’ll be going. Saw them there about 15 or so years ago, so going back.


Arcade Fire

Birmingham. 15 April 18.

Pre Sale today. Acoustics and sound were dreadful as Nottingham a few years back. The onstage stuff is wild!


Toots and Maytals - last weekend at De La Warre Pavillion Bexhill on Sea

20170721_213528 by uh_simon, on Flickr


Bugzy Malone - Kentish Town…Nov 2nd


Down under Essex in an old nuclear bunker last night for a radiophonic show.
Good fun.
Teleplasmiste were very good, but great wandering round finding different music.


Port Elliot Festival today - It’s pissing down


You’ll just have to spend the day in the Kernow Springs Hot Tub