Gigs I'm going to


Joan Shelley at C-Arts, Penrith in September


Booked for 15:00


Heading to Sidmouth on Saturday

Any Devon types going?


I fear I’m going to struggle to keep up with this one, but I like a challenge. At least the drinks come afterwards, not before.



OTT at Exeter Phoenix Sept 2nd.


Details of venues etc on the Hastings Council website


Seen The Big Kahuna a few times at local gigs/fairs - loads of fun when you’ve had a few :grin:


dont we already have a gigs thread


Indeed we do.


I thought “this gig has wine and fish as well so not just a gig, it needs its own thread and I’m the one to do it.”

Little did I know…


chill man, they are all gigs, the rest is in the detail.




I’m always chilled, if I was anymore chilled I’d be asleep :sunglasses:


At the park across the road. Four nights of music under the stars. Thursday was Reggae, Friday Asian beats, Saturday- soul and classical tonight with the RPO and fireworks. The best council tax expenditure of the year


A few Bristol gigs lined up for the Autumn…

Sept 21st Rancho Relaxo @Crofters
Sep 27th Black Angels @Trinity
Oct 7th All Them Witches @Bierkeller
Oct 11th Stoned Jesus @Exchange
Oct 13th Windhand @Exchange
Nov 3rd Psychic Lemon @Moon (Cardiff)
Nov 16th Morbid Angel @Bierkeller
Nov 22nd Witchsorrow @The Old England


15th March Steven Wilson @Warwick Arts Centre


I’ve been to cafes where the bloke on the next table was tapping his spoon in time with the music from the radio. Can I count that as a gig ?



More likely to termed an ‘Art Installation’ :grinning:


Got tickets to see Nadine Shah in That London next month.
Looking forward to that, not seen any live music for 2+ years.


DJ Shadow in Leeds soon.

The wife asked me if I still wanted to go and should she book a hotel last night.
I reminded her she gave me an envelope for my birthday weeks ago with tickets and a hotel paid for.

After some email searching she smiled and told me we were staying at the Radisson and she paid tthirty quid less than she was about to drop on the same place!

Crazy fool.