Gigs I'm going to


Love that place. NoMeansNo gig there a couple of years ago. Simply outstanding.


I’ve been there and several occasions to see The Heads play. I have very little recollection of what it is like, presumably as it was so long ago :lying_face:


Small, dark and smelly when full.


Oi, I resemble that remark. :disappointed::disappointed:


I saw Amplifier play a storming set there, and some wag had added an S to the signage on the front of the building…

(Sexchange, not Exchanges…)


I’m across there as well. Friday only. Somehow I’m Driving Songhoy Blues to Manchester afterwards.


Can’t make the weekend
Due to stuff and dog sitting and mother in law away and life.



Rancho Relaxo are doing the business in Bristol.


There is always next year…


Iron & Wine @. Birmingham Symphony Hall - February


Hoping to catch him in Belgium at the anciens


Nick Cave at the Arena on Thursday.


I saw him last night in Manchester, totally awesome, enjoy


Coco and Wayward and I are going to see him at the O2 on Saturday


I wanted to go but couldn’t see it happening after the Liverpool Psyche Festival on the weekend. I saved the price of a ticket as I couldn’t have made it. I have heard good reports of the show though…


Snagged tickets for this - you beauty


Did you go onstage?
Sick dog stopped play for me.


I like their second EP “Why does sick look like risotto?”