Gigs I'm going to




Thatā€™s a great shot Pete.



Needs to be better focused :unamused:


What does? The photo or your dislike of Nicholas?


The photo. My hatred is clear and precise enough thank you.


Tupelo was so good.


Certainly does, the bloody phone focused on the hands not the main subject.
but I only took a couple, I didnā€™t want to be standing there with a phone in my hand.for the whole gig.


Great pics from a phone


The whole show was amazing, I wish I had a way of replaying it. Incredible that he can put himself in the middle of those songs and deliver like that night after night. The songs must seem utterly different from his perspectiveā€¦

Not sure there is anyone else out there these days that can live with him as a live performer.


Rick Wakeman :smirk:


I expect itā€™s that sort of attitude that got your gear smashed to bits. :grinning:


Is he still alive?


Unfortunatelyā€¦although the ā€˜musicā€™ died years ago.


Surprisingly yes :thinking:



Lots on YouTube already. Couldnā€™t listen to many, just a bit overwhelming still!

Set list here:


I like loads of different music from NWA to Wagner to Zeppelin to Hank Snow and Zappa. But Cave does nothing for me. Taste is a strange thingā€¦


I like Cave in small doses - saw him live once, didnā€™t really do it for me.


Each to his own, I guess.

There was quite a funny moment:

Bloke in Audience: ā€œI live in your old flat in Hove"
Nick Cave: Thatā€™s fucking brilliantā€¦ (pauses)ā€¦ you know thereā€™s loads of smack stashed under the floorboardsā€ :smiley:

Not sure most folk heard that as only part of it was on mic. (we were about 10ft away)