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Ed Zachary


You I like. I have a tale about Nick “The Cunt” Cave. One day I shall regale :+1:


I’m quite fond of you as well :mage:


Our first bromance. Bless. :heart_eyes:


On another note…
DJ Shadow. Imminently.


I’ve seen Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds a few times, last being the appropriately titled Abbatoir Blues tour. Always brilliant and engaging.

Not keen on his recent albums so haven’t found the motivation to travel to see him again.


Everyone I’ve spoken to who has been along to his recent Manchester or London gigs have been utterly spellbound. I genuinely get the sense I’ve missed something special.




Fuck off. I love everybody here. Everybody except those on my list. They can get to fuck.
I’m pretty sure you’re on my list :unamused:



Yep.I think these will be remembered as something remarkable for the folks who were there.


DJ Shadow is a complete genius at what he does.

My wife was about to fall into a coma after the warm up act, Noer the Boy, who played random dub and noise with little discenable music. She was texting people saying it was the worst gig ever and wasn’t looking forward to the main act (it was my present).

After it finished she told me she was seriously impressed as he had talent and knrw how to work the decks!

The crowd wasn’t that big, I think because his latest stuff isn’t getting good press, but he is absolutely superb as a sound and vision experience.

Although a lot was recorded, he made some serious use of his deck and worked the breaks to some proper big drops!

Well worth it.


might be worth a trip to town


All Them Witches at the Bristol Bierkeller on Saturday


Saw Suzanne Vega last night, Oxford New Theatre

Solitude Standing & 99.9 Degrees Fahrenheit back to back, even managed to convince Mrs that Oxford was perfectly safe to be in in a crowd…

The first album was a little loose, sound was a bit all over the place at times, bass lost somewhat and the vocal mic seemed to be struggling to keep up with the dynamics of SV’s vocal range, not something she’s noted for! Good to see but they rather raced through with a bit of chat about some of the songs origins then an intermission.

After the break they roared back with a really edgy set with great sound that rather suggested Solitude Standing was included to fill seats. Really enjoyed 99 Degrees, I guess she was really looking to the alternative rock scene for inspiration at this point in her career rather than the folk she’d been pigeon holed in. Seemed very please to be able to announce that Blood Makes Noise had made it to No2 in the alternative Billboard chart. For me the second half of the album that can seem a little at odds with the first few tracks came to life with the added growl of Gerry Leonards guitar.

She finished off the set after the albums with Queen and the Soldier, an addition for the tour’s last night, Left of Centre and Marlene on the Wall. Crowd pleasers and Mrs went away very happy. One awkward moment… a young girl got up and yelled she was named after Luka, after a bit of confusion, was this a request? ‘we played it already’, it became clear the girl was named Luka after the song, I guess SV was a little confused as to why a parent might name their child after song about child abuse…

Well worth a peak if she comes through your way.




Fleet Foxes in November, like a muppet I rushed to get tickets for their London gig, only for them to announce local shows a few days later…


coming up we have:
13th October- Dizzee Rascal - Cambridge
30th October - London Grammar - O2 Brixton
followed closely by Bugzy Malone on 2nd Nov at O2 Kentish town


Just noticed that Godspeed You! Black Emperor are playing Bristol at the end of the month :+1:


I think some of the dates on their current trip around the UK are with Bardo Pond supporting. If this is true for Bristol it is well worth getting there early as BP are pretty formidable live.