Gigs I'm going to


Off to see Peter Hook later, should be interesting!


He’s got 4 LPs out for RSD, apparently not cheap either, if you get a chance ask him about how he thinks they’ll do…

I like Hooky, he was treated abysmally by the rest of New Order. Have a good night.


Apparently a 3 hour set New Order stuff first then 1 1/2 hour encore of Joy Division!!


Sounds like a great gig, his bass style defined New Order for me, and he doesn’t use crap musicians for his solo stuff, so will deffo be a decent night.


I thought he was playing the Substance collections by both bands. So Ceremony -> True Faith first, followed by Warsaw -> Love Will Tear Us Apart.

I like Hooky, but he really shouldn’t sing the NO stuff. Pottsy from Monaco is in the band and does a decent job as a Barny stand-in. On the other hand, Hooky does a great job with the JD material as it suits his limited capabilities.


Absolutely spot on mate. I really enjoyed the gig, but as you say he struggles to do justice to the New Order vocals. The Joy Division section was great though! Atmosphere dedicated to Ian Curtis was a lovely touch before finishing with Love Will Tear Us Apart.


That is some setlist, particularly when you consider there is almost nothing off any of the studio LPs by either Joy Division or New Order. Quite a legacy…


Got a live Album of Peter Hook and the Light murdering JD and NO stuff.

Meh- at best.

In fact, will add it to the sale pile methinks.


Underworld tonight at Alexandra Palace


Reckon it should be fantastic


well it was ok, but it didn’t really stir me. Maybe my taste in music has changed, but this gig didn’t really get me going. Initially we stood by the mixing desk and it sounded terrible quite distorted at the time. Towards the back it sounded better.

I don’t regret going, but it did all feel a bit dated…I had very similar feelings about seeing the Chemical Brothers live


Aswad are at ‘Under the Bridge’ tonight.


Elbow at Manchester Apollo tonight.


Saw them on Thursday night :+1:


Me too, didn’t stay to the end.


Elbow tonight at Manchester Apollo

Spare ticket available if anybody is up for it


I thought it was great. Much better than the last one at the Apollo. and the string quartet. Standing a few rows from the stage. Almost as good as the MEN gig with the runway when we were right on the barrier.


Saw Emily Portman and the Coracle band tonight


Does Lucy Farrell feature ? Still waiting for her solo record.


Yes Lucy was playing tonight.
The set up was the Emily Portman trio, Emily, Lucy (without saw) and Rachel Newton plus Sam Sweeney and two guys I was not familiar with MG Boulter on guitar and Toby Guerney on percussion.