Gigs I'm going to


The Beat, earlier tonight at The Cluny. BIT PISSED now.


Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro round the corner at the arts centre, later this evening



Goldfrapp tomorrow at the Roundhouse courtesy of a Gyroscope who sold his tickets to me. Can’t wait.


Rackhouse Pilfer tonight at the Ropetackle in Shoreham


Well they were excellent. I’d recommend you go and see them, except this was their last night and Kimbro flies back to Knoxville tomorrow. Next time maybe …

I’m now listening to this on vinyl (yeah, wrong thread I know) and only £15 signed at the gigs :slight_smile:



Swans / farewell tour

118db at FOH.


Grandaddy 29/3
Angel Olson 18/5
Paul Rodgers 20/5
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 28/9
Insane Clown Posse 18/11


Slowdive tonight at the Arts Club in Liverpool.


I hope it went OK.

I’ve had such a run of bad luck with selling things recently that I had visions of you being refused entry, or Alison Goldfrapp taking a dump in your pocket.


Off to the Albert Hall next Thursday for ABC. And as a birthday treat for myself booked the Damien Dempsey private gig


Moonlandingz tonight. Hare and Hounds. Kings Heath.


It was a excellent gig with Alison on top form. Managed to get right at the front although slightly to the right as we arrived not long after the doors opened. Also saw the support act VOK who weren’t bad for a Icelandic TV talent show winners.

I am not good at the review thing but the Standard had nice review in tonight printed edition. Can’t find it online yet and the FT and Times ones are behind pay walls. I can say the new stuff sounds as good as the previous albums. Full set list below although Ocean and Ride and White Horse were my faves.


Slowdive was good last night. Three new songs in the set, which was a well balanced trawl of their back catalogue. The set closer, a cover of Syd Barrett’s Golden Hair is an epic. Very surprised at how young the crowd was too. I’m really sore this morning though. Not really up to standing through a gig yet, but worth it as I really enjoyed the show…

Next up will be Ride in MCR.


I’m sure they’ll be able to fit your mobility scooter :smirk:


I prefer the term ‘fat bike’, thanks. You will be pleased to hear that I have had yellow go-faster stripes added to it for that personalised touch. It was very generous of you to lend it to me. I am very impressed by the incontinence-proof seating (well used on your behalf) that you had fitted to it. I have not needed to use this as yet, nor has the drool-drain under the steering proved useful, although I have emptied it for you. I’ll drop off at your place some time next week,


Five star review in The Times today


I like my drool filled, urine stained fat bike and I want it back.


Sun Ra Arkastra

In Lewes tonight. I have absolutely no idea what we will get :grinning:


They were fantastic when I saw them, joyful in fact. :+1:


Joyful is a great description :grinning:
Excellent gig, if anyone ever gets a chance to see them, don’t miss it!

This was the third night sold out at a small club in Lewes. A hugely enthusiastic and vocal crowd made for a great night. Some people had been to all three nights and every night was different.

Space is the Place !!!