Gigs I'm going to


that’d be cool…


Looking forward to Angel Olsen tonight.

She’s been upgraded from the Rescue Rooms to Rock City next door so should be good in the bigger venue.


Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar with support from Kitty Macfarlane at our Village Festival tomorrow. Real ale bar and easy staggering distance home :+1:

K T Tunstall on Saturday.


Saw Holy Holy a couple of weeks back. Tony Visconti’s Bowie homage playing Ziggy Stardust. Really good, real sense of what it might have been like to have seen them in their pomp. Well worth a look next time they’re touring if you like that sort of thing

Suzanne Vega playing Solitude Standing and 99f in Oxford and Ghostpoet also in Oxford to look forward to.


Now added a Gorillaz warm up gig, at the Alban Arena in St. Albans…2nd June


I need to stop now - just managed to get tickets to London Grammar on 30th October in Brixton


Just bought 4 tickets for me and friends for The Walled Garden Music Fest


Although this event

is a freebie, and has been ‘sold out’ for a while we managed to get some tickets directly from The Unthanks.


Foy Vance tonight, not sure what to expect…
I find his records a bit wishy washy…
Really enjoyed him live, at times he was outstanding and only one track brought me down…well worth seeing


‘Later’ 25th Anniversay at the Albert Hall in September. No idea who is playing yet but I imagine it should be a good night as long as I don’t have to put up with too much of Jools and his band.


He’s ok when he’s playing piano… it’s when he opens his mouth…

He is more wooden than a plank.


cool - got me two tickets… even not knowing the line up it’ll be great


Bristol Psych Fest - 8th July 2017

Should be a good day. Looking forward especially to seeing Kill West.


Standing on Clarence Dock waiting for John Cale and guests ( Gryff Rhys’s, Fat White Family :rolling_eyes:) to murder the Velvet Underground and Nico LP. Free tickets thankfully…


heading down to Penzance this afternoon to spend tomorrow at st Michaels mount, then back up for Ryley Walker at Exeter Phoenix.

A religious day guaranteed.


The Unthanks were great last night with Maxine Peake for the launch of their album. 90 minutes of music interspersed with a Q&A chat, only about 200 people - but brilliantly intimate and a freebie as well.

Tonight its Toots and the Maytals supporting The Specials, playing at my place of work…


Ryley walker last night, everything I was expecting and more, really tight band, intense and at times his humour lightened the moment. Catch him if you can

The drummer did a good version of animal


That was pretty bad in places but it was better than I expected on the whole. :rolling_eyes:

The atmosphere was a bit weird as it was a warm sunny evening which is almost the polar opposite of what I would think ideal for a performance of VU’s material. I don’t go to big open air gigs as a rule. The last one was a Morrissey gig in Hyde Park years ago. Seeing VIP/Corporate drinking areas and pop-up wine bars with cheese platters available was a bit odd. The site is weird too, it looks a bit like a cross between a venue for a car boot sale and the aftermath of a visit by the Luftwaffe. :confounded: Being by the Mersey the chance of a breeze in the evening, coupled with a rather weedy looking PA meant that we thought it would sound crap so we stood near the speaker stacks stage right. It was very, very quiet and muddy sounding even close in. Feck know was it was like if you were down the back.

As for the show, there were some low points which verged on being cringeworthy, but in general it was OK. I preferred the tunes where he plays viola (Black Angel’s Death Song was great) and the string section sawed along. There were a few tunes that had been heavily reworked with electronic backing tracks. Run, run, run had a particularly good rhythm track. Sister Ray was a glorious mess, which is unsurprising as that is basically what you expect. Proper gig though, no talking to the crowd apart from a 'Hello Liverpool" and a “Thank You” after Sister Ray. No encore either, which I heartily approve of.

Some of the guest musicians were utter shite though. To be honest I’ve no real idea who was who, other than the bloke from Fat White Family who was a pain in the arse. I took some time to find out who he was so I can actively avoid him in future.

Summary: Thank God I didn’t pay £55 for a ticket :rage:.


The open air gig of the Specials with Toots and the Maytals as support was foot tappingly good. Both played decent sets of their well known numbers. The audience was about 60% middle aged rude boys, overweight punks and old stomp skins., Surprisingly the other 40% was young people keeping Ska going.

We were at the front for Toots and that was great although the sound was a tad bass heavy - . We moved a bit back for the Specials and the sound sounded much better.

We really enjoyed the night (so different from the The Unthanks the night before), and the venue (despite it being in the grounds of my employer) made for a really nice mini-festival atmosphere.

This week its Gorrilaz in St Albans on Friday and Depeche Mode at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday


we enjoyed Toots and the Maytals we bought tickets to see them headline in Bexhill upon-sea at De La Warr pavilion (a lovely building) on 21st July