Gooey Eyed Reminiscing about Old Planes


You’re pickin’ on my bruvvar. I am considering deleting this post.


Why, they haven’t dissed prog have they?


I hardly mentioned da prog and @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi closed the feckin’ thread today. He must have been turning an LP over at that very moment. This means it should be good to troll the fuck out of prog for the next 48 hours until the B-side finishes or he sobers up.



Once heard never forgotten.
Had a spitfire on its way home from a display fly low along the River Dart and make a mock attack on the tourist boat I was on.
Absolutely brilliant and have never forgotten ‘that sound’.


We spent a day at Duxford a couple of weekends back as a diversion from the rain whilst camping.
The main thing I learnt was my incompatibility with most of the exhibits-too tall/fat. The worst thing I could imagine would be trying to get in/out of a ball turret-just not possible…

Planes from the 40’s have a grace to them…


:rofl: You lecturing me on my use of English - that is fucking funny…

besides… I don’t see no double negative…:wink:


Not planes, I know, but I remember seeing this from my old custom car days. A bad RR mock-up but with a Merlin engine. If I remember rightly he took it over to Germany for a burn on the autobahns and blew the thing up…



Or more likely close/delete a bunch of random threads and spread random posts across what’s left. :joy:




That’s a different one. I’m going back to the late 70s. Saw the car at a few Custom Car shows


I know it’s different. But it is contemporary.


Contemporary…a Rover SDI…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Contemporary, as in it’s driving around now, numbnuts.


Ooooh. Get her :joy:


I’ll grant you it’s much later than the other one, but that thread you linked is still seven years old Mr Brainbox…:kissing_heart:


It’s alive and well


I’m being ganged up on here… bruv… help! :open_mouth:


Show me the fuckers and I’ll sort 'em out :rage:


Look at you, Santas little helper…