Grown men get moist about the Eurovision: 2017's lowpoint thread


Can anyone remember the pvc stormtroopers bands name?


Thank you Eurovision for a contrived and boring night.
Narelle fell asleep during the voting and I was forced to watch until the end.

I hate you. I hate you with a passion.


oh Portugal… song is Fado-esque - lovely lovely country though… maybe we’ll go to Eurovision 2018!


Fuck off you lying twat, you loved it, like all Aussies, because you are are all a load of poofs, the over compensation on sporting prowess is the proof. :wink:


you still watched rgough


Just admit it was you that wanted to watch it - you will feel better for it.


Thank you Eurovision and you mooner for your services to naked protest.


I’m bolloxed/ It’s beeen fun. good nigjhy


I was forced to watch. I felt obliged to offer my opinion. I hate Eurovision.
And if I have the wrong days off I’ll see you next year,


Carpenters, but with him as the poorly one.


Cheers guys, most fun Eurovision I’ve had in years. :laughing:


You twat, I’ve just spat some expensive wine out at that. :rage:


As promised, thread will be deleted in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…



On that note…