Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


I suspect Varsity (the company) is way too profitable to let that happen.


Or the mighty Palace



Who else is watching then?


Me. For the moment.


I may well turn it off as some newby talent show failure called Dunstan Timberland or summat is shouting at the camera :unamused:


Too much for me. I’m calling it a night.


Yeah Timberland was grim


Epic game! What the hell happened to defense!

If you’ve not seen it then go watch a 40 min highlight edit or the catch up show on BBC2 tomorrow evening.


Yeah amazing game in so many ways. It was the most yards made in any NFL game ever!


Great game that. Managed to watch most of the first half, but the thought of the HT show meant that I recorded the second half an avoided Justin’s vocal stylings.


Clock management killed the Pats, Brady just ran out of time.