We is going to Devon for couple of weeks in ‘summer’, cos’ our lass is a Devon farmer girl.


Off to Madrid next week. Any recommendations on stuff to do/avoid?


Yes. Avoid Madrid.


Make sure you take a Catalan shirt.


Prado. Guernica exhibition.


Lopwell dam,June


8th April. Madrid derby at the Bernabeu


Go here for a few pints.

and as mentioned , go and see Guernica in the Reina Sofia.


There is a snazzy looking place to eat in the centre of town::


we were told if you love Barcelona then you will hate Madrid - its true.

We are off on our regular (probably about our 25th or so visit) jaunt to Barca at the end of April for 4 days.


Moscow/St Petersburg

San Francisco/Los Angeles

Glasgow/Edinburgh ?





not really seen enough of Glagow to confirm, but based on my limited experience Edinburgh wins.



I worked in Madrid in the 70’s during Franco’s time. Great money and food. It was during the Winter so it was bloody cold. Bars were good women not so good.


OK. Alarm is set for the crack of dawn. Starting the first leg of this tomorrow.

Train and bus to Peacehaven
Walk to Lewes
Lunch in this pub
Walk to a B&B close to this pub
Dinner in pub

Walk to East Grinstead
Lunch in this pub
Walk to B&B in Oxted
Dinner in this restaurant

Walk to Hayes
Lunch in this pub (or maybe another pub)
Walk via Greenwich to Canary Wharf
Tube and train home

68 miles in three days. What could possibly go wrong ?

Wish me luck !



Good luck!
(Crazy fool)


Enjoy!! How are the feet now?


Good luck. only know the Brewers Arms in Lewes - a good choice :+1:


what a great walk. I am not sure my ankles are up such long distances walking now. We did do the Thames walk from source to Thames barrier walk a few years ago… which was an interesting combination of rural and urban walking.


I think the feet/ankles/left knee will be fine on Day 1 and the painkillers will get me through Day 2. But Day 3 is terra incognita (fortunately I should be able to get into TfL territory fairly quickly and from then on I can hop on a bus if necessary !). The whole walk - south coast to east of Hull - is split into four parts and I haven’t committed to the others until I’ve tested things out on this one. This is also the one with most of the climb in it. So if I can get through this then the others should be a fairly safe bet.

OK, to quote Zebedee, “Time for bed”.