Where abouts are you?


There is a kind of simplistic beauty in this reply. :slight_smile:


Wherever you’re going, it’s raining and the airline has gone bust…


Yer, yer , yer , yerMAW.


Oh well we are back now…only 102 days until the next one


We should’ve been off to Andalusia this evening. Weather appears to be gorgeous there. Grey & drizzly here. But have had to cancel it all as Mrs J is too busy (as am I, if truth be told). Feck! Arse!

Should’ve gone on my own :smiley:


Where are you off on holiday to? Drama workshop somewhere?

Tuscany perhaps? Stratford even?

Do you have to take your own costumes & props?



Well that really has made your plane delayed. It’s not nice when the clock starts counting forward.


Going to have a couple of days in Amsterdam at half term. Be lovely that will. Just lovely.


This time on the morrow I should just be touching down.

Just deciding on which is going to be my first drink… Think a nice refreshing gin et tonic.

Going down the range in a bit for a few swings, under the pretence of dropping invoices off.

Oh yeah.


Window shopping? :wink:


Taking the dope to the dope?



“Under the pretence”. You can’t admit to yourself that you play golf? This shit is fucked up!


Dubrovnuik is bloody expensive now.




I am looking forward to a little bit of culture. Bit of yer Anne Frank House, bit of yer van Gogh, few beers, huge pile of ribs at me favourite cafe. Maybe a little boat trip 'round the canals. Celebrate a year since our first date sort of thing.


Awww…nice :smiley:


Quite amazed I haven’t managed to fuck it up tbh.


There’s still time :unamused: