Anne Frank house is, not surprisingly, quite depressing. Even so you’ll need to book.

Rijksmuseum is great, and the boss might enjoy the Diamond Museum, seeing as you have an anniversary to celebrate, and all that…


Anne Frank house already booked. Diamonds not on the cards for the moment.

I used to live in Amsterdam, so looking forward to going back.


We’re going to Holland next summer and will definitely be having a couple of days in Amsterdam, so will have to pick your brains nearer the time about foodie places.


:wink: Won’t be long, I reckon.


Quite right. A nice new MC cartridge would be the perfect gesture on such a happy occasion.


Gentle picking only, mind. You don’t want to damage the lad :+1:


He might enjoy it…


Cafe de klos.


Up and awaiting carriage to airport.


… and they’re off…


Got an app on phone translating Croatian.

Currently learning “This lady will pay for everything”. :slightly_smiling_face: while surreptitiously pointing at my wife.


Just don’t mention the fucking war eh.


Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you fuckers…

Interestingly, there was a man reading ‘Prog’ magazine on the flight out here. He never turned a page for the 3 hours. :slight_smile:


Did you warn him of the dangers of DVT?


I think he may have more concerning issues!!


I should have mentioned that ‘Prog’ mag included…

‘Practical Capewearer’ and ‘What Harpsichord’.


And a cd full of one bonus intro. :slight_smile:


You’re also on the list :rage:


Have you upgraded the HDD on your PC? That list must be huge by now…


It’s a relatively small forum :unamused: